This Is Why Lottie L’Amour Is Our Hero

-Fuck the furthest of offs you could possibly go.-

The popularity of TV shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’ and ‘Revenge Body’ have made reality TV a haven for fat-shaming, thinly veiled in the guise of helping those poor unfortunate plus size souls lose weight and find love/change their lives/blah blah. So much for being body positive huh? Thankfully not everyone is on board with weight loss wishful thinking.

Lottie L’Amour says FUCK NO to new dieting TV show

When TV production company Twofour contacted Lottie in order to ask if she would like to take part in a new TV show in which contestants were encouraged to road-test new diets, you can probably imagine the colourful language she used to respond.

The ITV show being planned is called ‘Save Money, Good Health’, a show that helps participants learn how to stay healthy without breaking the bank. However, not only did they manage to get Lottie’s name wrong in their pitch email, they completely missed the point of her message.

“Fighting against the stereotype that all fat people want to lose weight is so important. Not every fat body is a before picture, some of us are happy in the skin we are in.” Lottie told Lifesize magazine, “This email was a case of a researcher going for what they thought was an easy win – a quick read of the audience they were contacting would have shown them that plus size bloggers are not easy targets for new weight loss fads.”

Speaking out about fat-positivity

The purveying thought that all plus size women and men just want to lose weight is yet another stigma that the community constantly has to face, and the fact that Lottie stood up and spoke out about this makes her our hero.

Lottie L'Amour --- on Twitter- -Fuck the furthest of offs you could possibly go. (1)Even though the whole experience has been a bit of a debacle for the show, it has opened up a dialogue about the misconception, and allowed body positive and fat positive influencers like Lottie to address the issue of subversive online bullying.

“Although talking about this kind of experience has opened me up for a whole world of online bullying from those who don’t understand, it’s important that I shared it because I want to challenge people’s way of thinking about fat bodies,”

Lottie went on to tell us,

“Some of us want to feel good in the skin we are in which doesn’t involve weight loss in any way – and the more people that realise we exist, the better. It’s so important for people with fat bodies to know that there is an alternative to self loathing.”

Half-hearted apology

In their defence, the production company did send Lottie an apology about the misunderstanding… albeit a rather half-hearted one that was still dripping with condescension and fat-shaming.


But what do you think? Is this a genuine apology or has the production company missed the whole point of body positive influencers and fat positive influencers like Lottie?

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