Iskra Lawrence Talks About ‘Ending The Pursuit Of Perfection’

With so much shaming, anger and bad news all over the net these days, it can be enough to make you want to unplug and drop your phone down the toilet. But then comes along a little video clip that goes a long way towards restoring your faith in humanity.

The inimitable Iskra Lawrence recently gave a TedTalk about ‘Ending the Pursuit of Perfection’, and it’s got to be the most uplifting thing we’ve seen on YouTube since sneezing Panda cub (see below).

In the talk, the world-famous plus size model addresses how we need to be taught how to look after ourselves more, mentally, physically and emotionally. She encourages those watching to invest in themselves and gives a few of her own examples of self-care techniques that can work for anyone. Techniques such as the mirror challenge (where you stand in front of a mirror and have to pick out 5 things that you love about yourself) and the gratitude list (when you list all the things you’re grateful for that are more important than whatever is bringing you down).

“If we learn self-care and practice self-care, then we can gift self-care to others.”

The real beauty ideal is being perfectly you!

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P.S. Here’s the sneezing panda, just in case you need that today.

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