DRAMA! Yet Another Fat-Shamer Agreeing With The “Fat Tax”

Here we go again! Some juicy bitchy drama to start your week off with a bang! Lizzie Cundy appeared on Good Morning Britain, it seems with the intention of pissing us off before we’ve had time to have our first cup of coffee. The subject of plus size customers paying more for their clothes (aka the “fat tax”) was brought up yet again, with another c-list celebrity throwing their opinions out on national television without any real thought.

fat tax debate itv
Lizzie Cundy said plus-size clothing should cost more on today’s GMB (Credit: ITV)

The former footballer’s wife weighed in on the debate, stating her belief that plus size women and men should be paying more for their clothes.

Furthering the cause for a fax tax on clothes that are already few and far between, now we should be paying more for the privilege to wear them. She said on the show: “I’m not anti-plus-size but a larger size uses more material and more work goes into it so you should pay more.”

Is Lizzie right? Should we pay a fat tax?

Lizzie’s argument was perfectly logical, spouting off reasoning that we have hear a hundred and one times before today.

“It’s not a weight issue, does a size 20 dress use more material, yes or no? Yes!” she said logically.

She added this ingenious analogy to support up her point of view: “If you were buying king-sized bedding you would pay more than for single bedding as it’s more material. If you had a large window, you’d pay more for curtains.”

Piers Morgan to the rescue

fat tax debate itv
Piers Morgan opposes the fat tax logic (Credit: ITV)

(Never thought you’d hear that phrase huh?) Host Piers Morgan and Jodie Gibson were quick to fight back and slam Lizzie for her opinion. Josie is well known for having lost six stone after winning the reality TV show Big Brother, and she identified with how upsetting and infuriating this familiar kind of experience is, when someone is plus size and larger than their friends have to pay more for the same item of clothing.

Piers Morgan then jumped on board, pointing out that this crudely dubbed “fat tax” is wrong: “it’s not right to reward people for being a stick insect.”

He then went on to say that the tax would also penalise those whose weight gain was out of their control. For instance, if they were ill, to which Lizzie had the perfect solution: “If they have a medical condition they could take their prescription to the shop.”

…There isn’t an eye-roll emoji big enough.

Viewers take to Twitter

As you can image, viewers were quick to bite back at Lizzie, taking to social media to express their opinions and call her out of her point of view.

fat tax debate itv fat tax debate itv

So what do you think? Did you see Lizzie on GMB and did she make any valid points? Or is she a total idiot? Keep the conversation going on Facebook and Twitter.


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