Women Go Glittery Glam To Celebrate Their Bodies

Photographer Jill Kerswill is based in Australia, and uses her annual photoshoot of women covered in body glitter to celebrate body positivity. Jill spoke to People magazine about the power behind her message, and how she hoped she could help.

“Women are taught from a young age that we’re not good enough, we need to be fixed. There’s a dozen industries telling us we can pay for a cure to our shame,” Jill told People. “The message of this shoot is all about being body positive, celebrating what you have and letting go of your insecurities.”

Overcoming insecurities

A group of friends contacted Jill directly, hoping to celebrate their bodies in this totally unique and fabulous way. And despite it being their idea, they were still initially nervous about stripping off… as many of us would be. However, this anxiety never really lasts long, especially when surrounded by other beautiful women who are all struggling with the same insecurities.

Jill says. “There’s always a moment right as the girls strip down where they seem hesitant. They might touch their bellies or lift up their boobs because it’s something they’re self conscious about. Then they look around, see a girl with a flat tummy or perkier boobs is covering something she’s self conscious about and suddenly all that fear melts away. It’s so beautiful.”

“Many of them have spoke of feeling freed of their shame. I think every girl takes something different and unique away.”

Dealing with her own body image

The shoots have helped Jill herself to work through some of her own body image issues, having received such overwhelming positive feedback and seeing women of all shapes and sizes come to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

“Seeing these women so comfortable and free in their own skin has really helped me to deal with a lot of my own hang-ups. I no longer care about my cellulite or my flabby tummy.”
Jill has already started planning her next glitter shoot, which will take place in early December in Brisbane, Australia. So if you’re interested in getting all glitter and glam, get in touch now!

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