6 Cities That Are Great For Plus Size Shopping

When travelling to far-flung locations around the world, it’s always important to leave a little room in your suitcase for purchases made while on holiday. So apart from the usual fridge magnets and trinkets that show your friends and family you’ve been away, which international locations are actually good destinations when it comes to plus size shopping?

While many a curvy traveller may think that their options are rather limited when shopping overseas, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There a plenty of curvalicious ladies and men the world over, and the shopping reflects that.

1.) Dubai

Dubai is a city in a desert, and has completely dominated the “mall experience”. Due to the soaring summer temperatures, most activities tend to take place indoors in air conditioned malls. Hence shopping in Dubai  is something of a national pastime. Every designer you could imagine will have a store in a mall somewhere in Dubai, from Oscar de la Renta, to Louis Vuitton, to Valentino and more. There are also a plethora of affordable superstores like Splash and Giant for those less-than-designer prices. Add to that whole malls and markets dedicated to jewellery, perfume and shoes, you can shop from head to toe all in one spot.

2.) Paris

Paris often conjures images of skinny models smoking cigarettes and drinking wine before treading the runway at fashion week. But in addition to designer labels like Chanel, Hermès, and Givenchy, there are plenty of trendy neighbourhoods with boutique shops, which feature, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and other chic must-have items. There are also brick and mortar versions of some of your favourite online stores, from Marina Rinaldi, Ulla Popken, and H&M.

3.) Cape Town

We’ve seen Africa as a continent make great efforts to become more inclusive in the last few years, and cities like Capetown are some of the continent’s best fashion hubs. It is one of those cities where you can find high end fashion right next door to traditional styles, as well as local arts and crafts. Capetown has the added advantage of being home to popular plus size shops like Isabel de Villiers and Donna.

4.) Hong Kong

Another haven for designer-label shoppers, Hong Kong is beginning to see more and more small designers gain loyal fans, bringing a wider variety of styles to shoppers in Asia. For plus size shoppers, Hong Kong has no shortage of outlets for men and women, with stores such as H&M, Marina Rinaldi and Lane Bryant for the ladies, and XSXXL for the gents, which has been in business for over 10 years there

5.) Florence

Florence is a shoppers paradise if you’re in the market for hand-crafted, historic, and artisanal leather. So if you’re looking for shoes, bags, coats, gloves, even stationary, Florence is the place for you. Plus size shopping is also plentiful in stores like Lei Più, where you can shop for some of the biggest plus designers in Italy for clothing, accessories, and of course leather goods.

6.) Rio de Janeiro

Your first thought about Rio de Janeiro may not necessarily be about plus size shopping, but in Brazil, everything goes. With plenty of colours and patterns, shopping in Rio isn’t for the timid dressers out there, and stores like Agnès Plus Size Fashion provide you plenty of options with attitude.

Where’s your favourite city to go plus size shopping?

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