4 Modified Sex Positions That Are Great For Plus Size Lovers

News flash! Plus size women have sex! Who knew?! In a world where plus size women are struggling to be represented on any level, it seems almost ludicrous that they be represented as actual sexual creatures. If you’re confident, adventurous and willing to try anything (within reason), then there is nothing to stop couples of any size having incredible sex.

We pulled together suggestions from sex experts on how to modify traditional sex positions to suit fuller-figured fornication.

1. Modified missionary

Missionary is often thought of as the most basic – and sometimes boring – position, but Annabelle Knight, sex expert with Lovehoney, says that it’s great for larger women.

plus size sex missionary
Image courtesy of Carlee Ranger

“It sounds obvious but for a lot of bigger girls it can be a bit tricky. If this is the case then you can easily adapt the position to suit you, just pop a pillow or two under your bum.

“This will provide plenty of support and raise your pelvis increasing the chances of you getting some seriously good G-Spot action! Then simply raise your knees up to your chest, with your feet either side of your partner.

“For some added wow factor plant them on his chest, he’ll love the feeling of you trying to resist.”

2. Modified doggie style aka The sofa seduction

Dr. Megan Stubbs is a sexologist (yes, that’s a real thing), and she recommends giving the bedroom a break from time to time.

“If you have a couch with a long armrest, bend your partner over it and spread their legs,” says Stubbs. “In this position, much of your partner’s body weight is being held up by the couch and you have direct access to her.”

plus size sex doggy style
Image courtesy of Carlee Ranger

This position, despite its awful name, is great for those women who are a bit belly conscious, too, according to Annabelle.

“Your body will be elongated, making you feel really sexy and he will adore seeing you stretched out before him.”

3. Modified girl on top aka The reverse cowgirl cushion

Being on top can often leave bigger women feeling quite uncomfortable and self-conscious, but can be modified with a few simple alterations.

“The reverse cowgirl also works great for couples whose male partner has a large belly,” says Chrystal Bougon, founder of Curvy Girl Inc. “If she looks at his toes, she can lean forward and then his belly does not get in the way. Plus, it’s easier for her to move up and down, and back and forth in that position.”

plus size sex reverse cowgirl
Image courtesy of Carlee Ranger

Tip: Tilt your body backwards to show off your body and make your boobs look amazing. Grab onto his ankles if you need a little extra support.

4. Modified side position aka The standing pretzel

This one sounds a bit more complicated than it really is but will take a bit more effort on the man’s part. Starting off on your side, keeping one leg in line with your body, raise the other one into the air or onto your partner’s shoulders. He then can straddle your bottom leg and then take control!

plus size sex pretzel
Image courtesy of Carlee Ranger

Tip: Use some pillows for extra comfort and support

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