How Did You Celebrate Plus Size Appreciation Day?

In case you were living under a rock, last weekend saw the internet celebrate Plus Size Appreciation Day! Probably one the best made-up national holidays on the entire calendar. It may only be in its second year – having been founding in 2016 by an organisation called Women Rock, Inc. – but Plus Size Appreciation Day still made it onto plenty of social media feeds.

Whether ladies were posting pictures of themselves in various fabulous poses and outfits…

… or getting excited and dancing in front of their cameras…

Brands like Ashley Stewart were sure to get involved…

And while they did support it, they joked that they don’t need a day and they were fabulous all year long.

… and plus size models were loving the idea…

Summer may be over, but we ain’t done yet.

. Summer maybe over but we ain't done yet . #squadgoals @rubenesque_pr .📷@nu_perspective_photography

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Plus size backlash

Of course there was the typical fat-shaming and general foul backlash from those on the internet that feel their opinions are so important that they need to be shared. But it wasn’t anything remarkable or original, so we’re not even gonna dwell on it. The day was just a fun celebration of diversity and something for plus size women to enjoy and revel in.

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