My Body Positive Moment | Brianna Butler

The journey towards becoming body positive is different for everyone, and not all of us are starting from scratch. Brianna Butler, Instagram’s very own @sassy_latte, tells Lifesize Magazine how her body positivity was something she always chose to hide.

body positive moment brianna butler“My biggest Body Positive moment is when I realised that there was a disconnect between the way I felt about my body and the way I behaved. I noticed that I was not ashamed of my body and I didn’t necessarily feel bad about it, but I behaved as though I did.”

The way women are often portrayed in the media did not match with how Brianna saw herself. Therefore, however confident she was on the inside, she still chose to present herself in a certain way that made her seem less body confident.

“As women, we are constantly taught how to behave with our bodies, according to age, weight, skin colour. The media tells us what is acceptable and society perpetuates the rules set by the media. Not only are we told how to dress and behave, but we are constantly reminded of the consequences if we don’t play along.”

Choosing to keep out of photographs and wearing loose fitting clothes, Brianna acted negatively towards her body, even though that wasn’t how she actually felt. And she soon realised that it was time for that to change, to be brave and make sure she was living fully and honestly.

“As a mother of two, practising what I preach is important. I learned how to hate my body from my parents and the female role models I had growing up. I knew that I had to make changes so that I didn’t repeat the mistakes of my mother. If I speak about confidence, I have to start showing that I feel confident. I have to step out of the safety zone and I have to start defying society’s rules that have been set for women, full figured women, middle-aged women, and mothers.”

body positive moment briannaNow more confident than ever, you’re not likely to see Brianna hiding in a set of baggy clothes, in fact, she may not be wearing any clothes at all. Becoming body positive is a journey, and she, like many of us, gets a little bit closer every day.

“It hasn’t been easy to go from wearing yoga pants and baggy t-shirts to wearing body-con dresses and pencil skirts, but I am. It has been terrifying to wear swimsuits in public without a cover up and allowing myself to be photographed full body, but I am doing it every day. It feels amazing to live an HONEST life, connecting how I feel about my body with the way I treat myself and the way I represent myself out in the world.”

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