5 Body Positive Influencers Who Make A Difference

Finding the balance between standing out and looking outstanding is difficult, especially when clothing and fashion is slow to adapt to the more diverse requirements of many of the public’s outstanding needs. While it can be horribly frustrating, and even a little bit soul-destroying, the joy and confidence that comes with finding fashion that fits and flatters for those not typically-proportion is something spectacular to behold. And seeing someone that looks like you rocking an outfit that you could buy for yourself? That’s amazing!

Fashion, especially plus size fashion, can be the perfect way to start a conversation, and to effect a real positive influence on others. Some of our favourite plus size influencers do just that, making sure that they make the world a better place with every post they make:

1. Saucye West:

@saucyewest is the brains behind #thisiswhat400lbslookslike and the #FatAndFree campaign. Making plus size women of colour more visible in the media is an ongoing battle, and Saucye West has paved the way for others like her to take the limelight with pride.

2. Tatiana Lee

@mstatilee is an actress, model, and lifestyle blogger, who also actively blogs about her own experiences living with Spina Bifida. Combining plus size fashion with disability rights advocacy, Tatiana is a total inspiration. Check out her blog, Accessible Hollywood, as well as collaboration with Cur8able, a website which highlights the perspectives of people with disabilities from all walks of life.

3. Marcy Cruz

@fearlesslyjustme proves that style has no age, and despite the rampant ageism in the fashion industry, and even in the supposedly more inclusive plus size fashion industry. Marcy Cruz fearlessly defies these stereotypes and expectations, blogging and posting about her one-of-a-kind style on Fearlessly Just Me. She continually shows women that you can wear what you want at whatever size or age.

4. Yabette Swank

@swanketyswank is a fashion designer and artist that has based her Swankety Swank brand on the principles of chic, minimalist, sustainable fashion. All of her products are made from natural materials such as hemp, soy, vegan silk, and reclaimed fabrics. Remaining fabulous while reducing your carbon footprint, all in sizes up to 3X, that’s definitely something worth celebrating.

5. Harnaam Kaur

@harnaamkaur is an anti-bullying activist whom we had the pleasure of meeting at the release of Embrace: the movie. Harnaam is fiercely dedicated to body positivity and speaks out against bullying, drawing from her own experiences when she was targeted by bullies in her younger years. She remains infectiously positive and an amazing voice for anyone who has ever felt different and a body-positive advocate for all.

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