The 6 Best Body Positive Videos Ever

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All Woman Project

In a world where stick thin models still roam the catwalks and washboard abs still dominate the billboards, body positive movements are a breath of fresh air. And lately, there have been a few campaigns in particular which have really made an impact. Watch the 5 best body positive videos below and see for yourself.

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1. This Girl Can – Sport England 

“I jiggle, therefore I am.” Sorry Descartes, but we’re going to have to go agree with This Girl Can on this one. Putting the stigma around plus size women doing exercise to bed once and for all, this video proves that women of all shapes and sizes can be sporty, powerful and unapologetically sweaty.


2. Lynx – Find Your Magic

Finally, an ad campaign that focuses on body positivity for men. In a shocking turn of events, Lynx, the brand that previously used male sexual magnetism to sell their products, is now battling the inflated machoism that pervades our society and the media.


3. Dove – Beauty On Your Own Terms

Breaking stereotypes down one by one, this video campaign by Dove proves that nobody should have to adhere to what people expect of them. Every individual can live their own life and make their own choices about who they want to be, how they want to look and what they want to do. #MyBeautyMySay


4. All Woman Project – #iamallwoman

This new campaign is tackling a whole group of beauty stereotypes around everything from gender to size to skin colour. In fact, we’ve even come up with 8 reasons why we love it.


5. Iskra Lawrence Won’t Be Retouched Without a Fight

We love this video for the insight it gives people into the truth behind the modelling industry. Iskra Lawrence is raw, real, honest and exposed, dispelling myths around beauty and perfection, step by step.


6. Lane Bryant – #ThisBody Is Made To Shine

Last but not least, there’s the new Lane Bryant campaign. Their message is big, bold and pretty black and white: fat shaming is a thing of the past. The ad features famous plus size influencers including actresses Gabourey Sidibe and Danielle Brooks and plus size models Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine and Alessandra Garcia. Full of confidence and sass, the women confront their social media trolls with a total backlash against all fat shaming.


Which of the body positive videos do you find most inspiring? Tweet us about it or write to us on Facebook

 – Written by Sanna Lory


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