15 Times Big Boobs Were Your Worst Enemy

Some might say that one of the best things about being plus size is that you get a fantastic pair of boobs at the same time. And while our magnificent melons deserve to be celebrated, they are times when they end up being our own worst enemy. For example…

1. When shopping for bras that fit and aren’t hideous… is impossible!

plus size life plus size bras

2. When wearing a top with a built-in-bra is lol.

plus size bras

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3. When you store food in your boobs for winter.

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4. When people seriously ask if your boobs are real.

5. When a hug becomes an offensive weapon

plus size boobs

6. When you almost make it through the whole day without someone accidentally touching them.


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7. In fact, when even YOU can’t go the whole day without touching them.

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8. When they magically transform a regular outfit into a slutty outfit without even trying.


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9. When your seatbelt tries to strangle you.

plus size

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10. When you wish you could just lie on your stomach for once

plus size problems

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11. When you manage to punch yourself in the face

Story of my life 👊👸💫 #BigBoobProblems 😂😂

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12. When you’d like to do more yoga, but your boobs are trying to kill you!

plus size yoga

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13.When running for any reason requires a super-human bra.
sexy wonder woman photo: Wonder Woman Running WonderWomanRunning_zpsdcb77450.gif

14. When you lie down to read and can’t see the book

plus size

15. But despite all that, you wouldn’t change them for the world

plus size boobs

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