11 Annoying Myths About Big Girls That Need To Die

Plus-size girls get enough grief in life without weird misconceptions following them around. Even though plus size girls are getting more of their share of the spotlight these days, there are plenty of myths and stereotypes that are still floating around that really need to be shut down now.

1. All plus size girls have low self-esteem

plus size myth insecure all the time

There may be the odd moment when we have our doubts, just like everyone else, but there are plenty when we feel awesome!

2. All plus size girls are funny

plus size myth funny girl

Always seen as the “funny” friend who has a “great personality”. Whatever, plus size ladies are just as likely to be boring bitches as they are to be the next Rebel Wilson.

3. Plus size girls can’t get a man

plus size myth get a man

Marilyn Monroe would be the first to tell you, that a girl with curves gets the guys.

4. Plus size girls are clingy

Once she gets a man a plus size girl will be SUPER clingy. However she managed to “trick him” into dating her.

*eye roll

5. Plus size girls have low standards for men and are desperate

plus size humour

6. Plus size girls only attract crazies and weirdos

plus size humour

Surely it’s only chubby chasers that are interested in plus size girls right? You can’t be serious!

7. Plus size girls don’t work out

plus size humour

Surely every plus size girl just sits around and does nothing, right? Oh come on! Ever hear of Jessamyn Stanley!?

8. Plus size girls are afraid to show skin

plus size humour

Ha, yeah right! It seems our favourite plus size ladies are struggling to keep their clothes on these days.

9. Size 12 is plus size

plus size

First of all, how dare you shop for clothes at all if you’re not a size 3! Second of all, who decides what’s “skinny” and what’s “plus size”? Just chill out and sell me a nice pair of jeans ffs.

10. Clothes don’t look good on plus size models


Yeah. She looks hideous.

11. All plus size girls want to lose weight

plus size humour

Because every girl is secretly desperate for a thigh gap and a single-digit dress size? Puhleeze. We love how we look, just as we are thank you very much!

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