She Might Be – The Platform for Plus Size Women to Collaborate and Contribute

If you haven’t heard of She Might Be magazine, then you must have been living under a rock for the past 8 months. We took a look behind the scenes and found out how one of the most popular plus size platforms was born, and where it’s planning on going in the future.

Award-winning plus size fashion and beauty writer Georgina Grogan created the magazine as a spin-off from her personal blog She Might Be Loved.

plus size fashion magazine“After falling completely in love with blogging and the online world, I just got it into my head that I wanted to expand She Might Be Loved, and an online magazine seemed like the perfect way. I never wanted to go into print, and I still don’t, and I always wanted to call it She Might Be. To think I used to hate my blog name!

It’s been a dream for around 2 years now and then one week I just went for it, we were launching a few weeks after that, promoting at Curve Fashion Festival and it has been all systems go ever since!”

With so many places to go on the internet for fashion and beauty, Georgina was determined to create a place that was writing articles for plus size women, by plus size women.

“There are SO many places to go on the internet for fashion and beauty, but where can you go where the writers are plus size, the clothes are plus size, the lingerie is plus size? Not many, especially not UK based.

I wanted a place where people could come and feel completely safe, there’s no weight loss, diet, health, gym talk, we don’t even talk about activewear. It’s somewhere where you can come and relate with people who look like you and have the same life experiences as you. It’s such a body positive space, and I really want to help spread fat positivity and educate people on how to be a better ally.”

She Might Be caters to plus size readers of all ages, and while their focus is mainly on women’s lifestyle, they are keen to introduce more men’s pieces by their ever-growing pool of contributors that add something other platforms can’t …

plus size fashion magazine“Diversity. I want to have writers of every single background to be writing for us eventually, to really be able to relate with our readers, to share their experiences, perspectives, to help and advise, and to simply share with them that they’re not alone. Diversity is so important to have now, it’s 2017, no two people are the same and I really want to be able to give a voice to everyone.”

“Overall we’ve had 30 different plus bloggers and plus women, and we currently have a team of 17 main contributors. We’ve had posts from some of the most influential bloggers in the community, and women who have found us on the web and wanted to submit something. Everyone is welcome!”

Though She Might Be is an open platform for people to contribute, the magazine is still quite particular about what they publish and who they bring on board.

“We look at how their personal channels come across, for example if they were constantly posting about diets/exercise then they wouldn’t be for us. But if their feeds are full of fashion, fun, personal posts, makeup, pets, and you can really get a sense of them, then they’re welcome! Obviously being a good writer is key, but even if you’re wanting to build your writing up, there’s lots of post ideas and help that we can give to new contributors to guide them. You don’t necessarily have to be plus size, you just need to have a good voice and lots of enthusiasm.

“We’re really picky to be honest, we’re trying so hard to maintain a ‘safe space’ with no diets, weightloss etc, but it’s really surprising how many bloggers and plus women just throw in the odd sentence or two that could trigger others. It’s completely society’s fault, and unless you’re specifically looking to edit out those type of thoughts, I doubt anyone would really notice. It does mean it’s a lot of work for us, sometime there’s articles submitted that are SO GOOD but just had that coating of body shaming or negative connotations, so we have to go through everything with a very fine comb.”

plus size fashion magazine“Simply send us an email to with a pitch for an article, if it hasn’t been done before (from that perspective) then we’ll ask you to write it up, the 4 editors look over it, it goes live and if you’ve enjoyed writing it, we’ll ask you to come on board! We do take casual submissions too, so anyone can just submit a piece whenever they fancy.”

While there is a strong fashion focus, not every article is about that in She Might Be, with many writers contributing several articles at a time when they come across a topic that they are really passionate about.

“Daisy is our sex expert, Nancy is our makeup master, Kitty and Sophie are our two best contributors (not to have favourites BUT) they really write the hard hitting, political, no sugar coating pieces that make me clap at my desk! The rest of us just write about anything we like.

[My favourites are] either Kitty’s one against Ashley Graham or Kitty’s one about the problem with Iskra Lawrence. So many publications will just praise them, but we see right through these people!”

The future looks bright for She Might Be, having found a devoted following in the plus size community, there’s

“We’re really lucky and we’ve managed to find the nice part of the plus community, you know, the women who DON’T comment on plus size fashion pages slating blogger’s looks? So we really rarely get a negative comment and then it’s only slightly negative. I’m sure one day it’ll happen, but our audience is amazing!

We’re launching an exclusive discount page for SMB readers! We’re teaming up with all of our favourite brands so everyone can shop until their hearts are content.”

Visit to read more from Georgina and the gang.

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