Want Some Inspiration For Plus Size Christmas Party Outfits?

Tis the season to get dressed up and glammed up and show yourself off at as many Christmas parties as possible. And while it may not be quite as easy to find fabulous plus size party outfits as it is for some of our straight sized friends, there is no shortage of inspiration available from some of our favourite plus size influencers.

plus size party outfits
Image: Instagram @nataliemeansnice

Natalie Hage recommends feeling good

Sound advice from the stylish Texan Instagrammer, who was featured on a recent episode of #MyStyle for Yahoo. In the episode she shows off her one-piece black jumpsuit, complete with wide-leg trousers that she never thought she would wear.

She combines her signature all-in-black look with a few accents of gold jewellery and accessories, paired with a pair of comfortable heels (and a back up pair of flats in her car, just in case).

But the takeaway message is, of course, to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. Whatever outfit you choose the most important accessory is confidence. And while you may not be physically comfortable in your outfit of choice (because let’s face it, even so-called “comfy” heels end the night not being so comfy), as long as you are comfortable in yourself, you’re bound to have a hot night out no matter how cold it gets outside.

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And check out Natalie’s video in full below.

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