Topshop’s So-Called Plus Size Range Is Bombing!

The internet has been seriously ripping into Topshop’s new so-called plus size range and having visited the store recently, we’re not sure if we can blame them. People are up in arms about the inconsistency of the brand’s sizing, as well as their lacklustre introduction of a size 18 in selected styles.

Having recently surveyed the Oxford Street brand of Topshop for our plus size clothing guide, we were unimpressed yet not surprised at the total lack of any item of clothing above a size 16. And this recent move towards as more inclusive plus size range could just be too little too late for many plus size shoppers.

Introducing a plus size range… that’s just one size bigger

So this year has seen the introduction of larger sizes, yet there was little to no mention of this. And what’s more, the new sizes still only go up to a size 18 – one whole size up from their previous large – and even those are limited according to Cosmopolitan.

“Approximately 13 percent of the tops available from the namesake shop are available in 18, and only eight per cent of the dresses.”

Social media rage

Shoppers have taken to social media to vent their frustrations with the brand. Grace Victory, star of Nike’s recent plus size campaign, commented on Twitter at just how unimpressive this late introduction of a size 18 really is.

Others agreed with her, highlighting that a Topshop size 18 was likely to be incredibly inaccurate.

Others defended Topshop, saying that it is a brand geared towards “petite” shoppers, to which Grace eloquently replied the following.

Other Topshop faux pas

It seems Topshop is not having a great year when it comes to publicity. Topshop drew a lot of criticism recently about the size of its mannequins. A recent Facebook post by a UK-based mum highlighted the negative example that the worryingly thin mannequins set for children. Zoe Mason wrote that her daughter was “full of crossness” at the mannequins in Topshop’s store window.

Let’s hope that Topshop will eventually learn from their mistakes, and at least consider being a little more inclusive in the future.

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