Is The Plus Size Shopping at Forever 21 Any Good?

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With so many bloggers, influencers and Instagrammers talking about the best places to go shopping for plus size fashion, we decided to put the brands to the test. Accompanied by distinguished and experienced plus size shoppers Hanna from, and Mayah from, we were pleased to see how Forever 21 catered for their plus size customers.

You could be forgiven for not knowing that Forever 21 even had a plus size range, as we entered the store on Oxford Street, we were greeted with the typical array of minute mannequins and thigh gap brandishing teenagers plastered onto posters.

Wading through the size 8 samples, we made our way upstairs to the plus size section… and we were pleasantly surprised with what we saw.

Mayah: I think the best plus size section from the stores we visited had to be Forever 21. The displays, POS and photography used here was more eye catching and encouraging than what was available from other brands.

The plus size section was made to look like it was deliberate and not just an afterthought that was limiting and shoved into the back corner of a store.

I love that the accessories were placed amongst the clothes to encourage you to create an entire outfit with all the trimmings.

plus size shopping forever 21 plus

Pleasant plus size shopping at Forever 21

The open and well-lit space was inviting and allowed shoppers to browse comfortably, without having to squeeze down crowded aisles or hide in the dark regions at the back of the store.

The plus size section was interspersed with items from the brand’s accessories range and sat next to the often equally underserviced men’s section.

There were plus size mannequins proudly displaying how the items looked on a fuller figure, all of which were available up to a UK size 24 or 3XL.

Hanna: Love how the range is displayed at F21! Especially thinking of the fact that it used to be in their Westfield store (and there it was a bit hidden), and that they brought it to Oxford St instead.

5 Reasons to shop at Forever 21+

Here are a few things that Hanna and Mayah felt that Forever 21 Plus did really well:

1. Quality casual basics

plus size shopping forever 21 plusThe plus size range at Forever 21 consisted of a lot of good quality basics that would be good to wear casually, either at the weekend or for dress-down Friday.

Jeans, shirts, blouses, any item that you need to fill out your wardrobe, all with a nice feel and made of good quality material.

2. Fitted outfits

Though not Hanna’s personal style, Forever 21 Plus was very good for finding fitted basics.

Those who prefer their outfits to be more well-fitted rather than baggy and loose will be in right at home shopping here.

3. Jackets & jumpers

Hanna 4We were pleased to see a wide variety of bomber jackets and blazers, as well as some lovely jumpers and cardigans that were great for accessorising.

In fact, Hanna and Maya loved this red bomber jacket so much that they couldn’t bear to leave it behind.

4. Plenty of colour choice, and not just a load of florals

Yes it’s springtime, but it’s still nice to have a few outfits that aren’t covered in petals.

“A lot of places just throw a load of floral print onto plus size outfits, it’s nice that there are some block colours and a few different colour choices for each piece.”

Having said that there were a few floral prints, and even a precariously place pineapple design on one of their swimsuits. Which leads us nicely into…

5. Swimwear

Low and behold, a plus size swimwear section right on the shop floor for you to have a proper look at. While there may not have been an extensive selection of items, at least they were there to have a look at in real life.

Just a few negatives

In fact, there were just two negative points that stood out from our visit to Forever 21 Plus:

1. No sales items

There were dedicated sales sections in every other range apart from plus size.

Mayah: With Forever21 I don’t really have any complaints other than the fact that the sale items are available on the lowest floor of the store even though the plus range is on the top floor of the store. I think it would be great if everything was available on one floor.

2. No belts

While Maya fell slightly in love with the Forever 21 accessories, she did note that there were no plus size belts or belts that would fit a larger waist.

Plus size bloggers love Forever21 +

Since visiting Forever 21, we’ve heard more and more of our favourite plus size bloggers rave about it. Not just the selection, but more importantly the inclusive and comfortable experience they have shopping there. Michaela from could barely contain her excitement when we asked for her thoughts on the brand.

“Having struggled to feel comfortable physically shopping on a high street, to be able to walk into forever 21 on Oxford street with near enough half a floor dedicated to plus size fashion and offering their coolest and most fashionable styles is life changing.

The selections available elsewhere are pushed to the back of stores, contain basics and dribs and drabs. Forever 21+ is viewable as soon as you step off the escalator to the second floor, and presented fashionably and identically to their straight sized range.  I just really think this collection has something for everyone, and although there is room for improvement in terms of fit (the jeans are a struggle for me) I can’t praise them enough.”

What do you think of Forever 21’s plus size department?

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