Disappointed in New Look’s Plus Size Range? So Were We!

In an attempt to uncover the best places to shop for plus size fashion on the high street, we enlisted the help of Mayah of mayahcamara.com and Hanna from Hannawears.com, and we took to the streets to see where we should be shopping. As one of the first high street brands to launch a plus size range, we had high hopes for New Look when we visited their Oxford Street store.

First impressions can be disappointing

Our first impression was that the plus size range was seriously under-serviced, hidden away in a corner upstairs next to the maternity wear. The brand is known for its vibrant designs and colourful clothes, which is why it was slightly disappointing that the same level of energy wasn’t translated to the plus size clothes displayed.

plus size range

Mayah: New Look have had a plus size range longer than most of the brands out there, which is why the lack of presence to their plus range in stores is rather sad. I wasn’t impressed by the layout and display in the store. I also found it a little inconvenient to have to go to a completely different floor to try on some of the items.

Fun and trendy pieces in their plus size range

new look plus size rangeAfter having a browse of the plus size items on display, Mayah and Hanna found that despite the less than inviting display, the items that were available were actually quite cool and easy to wear.

Mayah: With New Look I have to say they have come a long way in what styles they offer, their biker jackets, fun slogan tees and graphic designs were really cool. They had a nice easy day wear selection.

Hanna: I would mainly go for basics, but they had a few great trend led items as well.

More available online than in-store

new look plus size rangeAs is usually the case, a lot of the best plus size items were available exclusively online, with only select pieces available in-store.

Mayah: New Look’s range was really nice but extremely limiting. Their vast selection of clothes is available on their website with more sizes than what’s available in store. Having said all of that I would be more likely to head there for work wear and possibly some more dressy items.

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