A Big Man Deserves A Brilliant Suit on His Wedding Day

They say a girl never feels more beautiful on her wedding day; and while everyone will be looking at her, she’ll be looking at her groom. Therefore it’s SO important that the plus size groom wears a suit that will not only make him look and feel great, but will make his brand new bride proud to be stood on top of a cake with him.

We look to some of the internet’s snazziest dressers and brilliant blogs to bring you some top tips for finding the perfect big man’s wedding suit.

Gentleman’s Gazettes says, “Do NOT buy off the rack”

Off the rack suits rarely provide a good fit for stockier men because the pattern is scaled, causing them to exaggerate their figure rather than flatter it. A suit pattern is scaled across sizes, and when you increase the chest size, everything else gets bigger too. The armhole, the sleeve, the length, the shoulders, making the whole thing look oversized.

Gentleman’s Gazette:

“When you have a bigger belly, your shoulder width doesn’t change, and your arms don’t get longer either. If the sleeve was the only issue, it could be shortened, but the length of the jacket determines the positioning of the pockets and the buttonholes – which can’t be repositioned – that’s why the fit of an off the rack suit for bigger men is usually so bad.”

Chubstr says “A custom suit doesn’t always have to be expensive”

plus size mens suits
Image: Instagram @chubstr

Since an off the rack suit is not an option, that leaves getting a custom suit made. There are plenty of places to get a suit made to your exact measurements, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be Savile Row. If that’s out of your price range look online for companies that do custom suits from measurements you supply.


“I highly recommend that you get something custom made and fitted to your exact measurements. This ensures you look and feel your best when you’re walking down the aisle. Custom isn’t always expensive, as companies like Black Lapel and Indochino do great custom suits and tuxes if you’re willing to provide your own measurements. Both companies also offer real style consultants who can help you put together a look with style for any big and tall groom.”

Michael-Anthony Spearman says, “Don’t dismiss the idea of shapewear”

plus size mens suits
Image: Instagram @bigfashionguy

Men may not like the idea of an undershirt that keeps things in place, but women have been doing it for years, so why not guys. Instagram’s Big Fashion guy

Instagram’s Big Fashion guy Michael-Anthony Spearman says that if they make you feel more comfortable then go for it:

“As a gentleman of large stature, my number one styling tip is wearing a compression undershirt.

I know a lot of big guys like myself are self-conscious about their midsection and I know that proper compression under-garments will make a world of difference in how you will appear and feel in your clothes.”

Notoriously dapper says “Get a tailored shirt”

plus size mens suits
Image: Instagram @notoriouslydapper

There’s no point in spending all this time and money on a perfectly tailored suit and then buying a 3-pack of shirts from Debenhams and hoping for the best. Bunches from an ill-fitting shirt will be very visible in a tailored suit, and put all that hard work to waste.

Kelvin Davis, blogger at Notoriously Dapper:

“I buy shirts that are XL or XXL that fit in the torso, but are way too long in the sleeves, so I have to get them tailored to fit my arm length. Same with pants! Taking and adding a bit here and there is the best style tip, because it’s never about the brand that you wear, it’s how you wear it that matters the most.”

Make the effort, but be comfortable

It’s really important to be comfortable and to feel at your best on your big day. And with these little nuggets of wisdom you can be sure that you look your best when you stand next to your beautiful bride.

Tell us about your wedding plans and how you or your fiancé found your wedding suit. Or share our 3 quick tips to buying a plus size suit for those who are still searching.

plus size mens suit

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